The Catapult Collective

The Collective

Since 2012, we have helped marketers and decision makers across functions deliver tangible results spanning customer acquisition, experience and growth. The Collective is a carefully assembled team of award-winning entrepreneurs, strategists, creative executives and marketing communication trailblazers, who are passionate about building businesses that last. Based in downtown Manhattan, with a national reach, The Collective continues to be a trusted resource across industries for innovative leaders striving to architect memorable, highly differentiated products and brands. 

Our Founders

Yasmeen Coning, Managing Partner


Yasmeen is a seasoned professional with nearly twenty years of experience in developing and implementing successful marketing strategies for innovative and dynamic brands across the consumer and digital media landscape. She has been a management team member of several successful ventures, including serving as the CMO for SITO, as well as Genesis Media and head of marketing for PlaceIQ. She played an integral role in the business growth and expansion in the digital advertising space for each of these organizations. Yasmeen was also with Demand Media (now Leaf Group), leading marketing for publishing giants such as and She was key in building the company’s portfolio of branded sites to position Demand for its successful IPO. Prior to Demand, Yasmeen held lead account roles at Edelman both in the digital and consumer space, where she spearheaded award-winning marketing and communication launches for numerous global brands such as Starbucks, Fox, Microsoft and more.   

Yasmeen holds a B.S. in journalism from Boston University, an MBA from Pepperdine and an M.S. in Strategic Communication from Columbia University. She is also the recipient of the Marketing Maverick Award from DM News to honor her achievements as one of the industry's exceptional brand strategists. 

Justin Danko, Managing Partner


Justin is a veteran of the media industry, successfully developing innovative solutions for brands that connect with consumers in an ever-fragmented, digital and social ecosystem. Throughout his career, he forged strategic partnerships and managed relationships with media agencies and countless Fortune 500 brands. He brings nearly twenty years of experience working in sales and marketing leadership positions for some of the largest media companies in the world. Prior to launching The Catapult Collective, he served as the head of sales and marketing for Discovery Digital and started the East Coast office for Fullscreen. Justin was also head of branded content for the Music and Entertainment Groups at Viacom and the head of brand solutions for Comedy Central. Prior to Viacom, he held roles at NBC-Universal in the integrated marketing group at USA Network and was responsible for overseeing the integration team for the NBC-Universal merger. 

Justin holds a B.A. in Economics from Bucknell University.